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Hello everyone and welcome back. Today, I am going to be doing the Fall Tag. I saw this over on Zezee with Books. This tag was created by The Life of Kristyn. This tag looked really interesting so I decided to go ahead and do it. Now without further ado let’s get right into this tag.

Which two things tell you that the fall season has begun

Leaves Changing– One of the first things I notice when fall has begun is the leaves changing to those beautiful reds, oranges, yellows, and browns.

Colder Temperatures– Another thing that I notice is the temperatures getting colder.

What are your plans for this fall season?

My plans for this season are lots of reading, especially cozy mysteries books. As well as some thrillers/horror since it’s also the spooky season.

Silent nights or windy ones?

To be honest, I don’t have a particular preference, I enjoy both kinds of nights.

Cold rain or heavy fog? Which do you enjoy more?

In my opinion, heavy fog adds a spooky feel to the atmosphere.

What three things do you love about the season?

Trees– One of the things I love is the trees all of those colors are absolutely beautiful.

Halloween– Another favorite thing is Halloween, I love spooky things.

Hoodies– I love wearing hoodies in the fall they are comfy and warm.

What three things do you hate about the season?

Cold– I don’t like the cold at all.

Winter Coming– With the arrival of fall also means that soon there will be the arrival of winter.

Chilly Rain– I don’t like chilly rainy days.

Share your best memory for the fall season?

One of my favorite memories is baking with my grandmother. We would bake all kinds of things cookies, cupcakes, and pies.

What is your favorite scent for the fall season?

I actually have a couple of favorite scents. Those are pumpkin pie and apple pie.

What is your favorite fall movie?

My favorite fall movie is definitely Halloweentown. It is a family tradition that we watch those movies every year.

What is your favorite fall color?

My favorite fall color is actually all of them. I love all of the reds, oranges, yellows, and browns.

What is your favorite dress code for the fall season?

My favorite dress code is hoodies and jeans or sweatpants.

Do you believe that the fall season should be the wedding season?

In my opinion, spring seems better for the wedding season. In the fall it is a possibility to have snow on the ground already. Who wants their wedding anniversary to be on a cold and snowy day? I know I wouldn’t want that.

What are your most liked drinks in the fall season?

My most liked drinks in the fall are hot tea and hot cocoa. Pumpkin spice is also great but being allergic to nutmeg and that ingredient being in a lot of that stuff it kinda makes it hard to enjoy that stuff.

Haunted house or haunted corn maze?

I have never been to either of these but in my opinion, I would prefer going to a haunted house.

Wool or knit sweaters?

I prefer knit sweaters over wool. I don’t have very many though.

Which moisturizer is your favorite in the autumn season?

I don’t have a particular moisturizer for this season.

Apple or pumpkin pie? What’s your favorite?

My favorite is actually both kinds, when we make pumpkin pie we actually make sure to alter the recipe to not include nutmeg. The pie actually tastes the same to me without nutmeg as it does with it.

October or November?

I actually like both, October because of Halloween and all the spooky stuff that goes with it. November due to the fact of Thanksgiving, a time when the family gets together.

Do you dress up for Halloween?

I don’t dress up for Halloween anymore, the last time I remember dressing up is when I was a kid.

What do you feel at the end of the fall season?

Vexation– I’m always annoyed about the fact that winter is upon us when fall ends.

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